Salaries of mayors to be regulated and published for the first time

A new law is to be issued which controls strict new financial regulations on townhalls. As part of the measure, for the first time the salaries of Mayors and the corportations are to be regulated, and full financial information on salaries and payments in kind will be published online. Smaller townhalls will loose powers which will be centralised to the country councils, and power will be centralised.

The Mayor of Almería is a busy man

Right now, for example, at 12:40 on a Tuesday morning, he is very busy…. posting pictures of his dog on Facebook. Now, I’m sure Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendedor is very fond of his dog, which is a cute little fluffy thing, but doesn’t the Mayor of Almería city have anything better to be doing? (Here’s the dog, by the way. It’s wearing the Almería FC colours, in case you’re wondering).

Mayor of Polopos (Granada) collapses while on hunger strike

The mayor of Polopos-La Mamola, a small village in Granada, has been on a hunger strike since the 18th of August in an attempt to bring public attention to the new local financing mecanism designed by the Junta de Andalucia. Pedro García, (Agrupación Socialista Independiente party) said that repeated requests to meet with Andalucian President for life Chaves or Prime Minister Zapatero had been rejected, so he had no recourse but to take this drastic Continue reading Mayor of Polopos (Granada) collapses while on hunger strike

Taliban spotted in Macael, claims Mayor

The mayor of Macael is involved in a spat with local marble companies, who are protesting against the installation of a large solar energy plant on top of a large deposit of “prime white marble”. The marble companies (20 of them) say that the plant will affect their mine in the area, the town hall says it won´t. “These businessmen” fumed Mayor of Macael Juan Pastor to a Europa Press reporter, “are nothing more than Continue reading Taliban spotted in Macael, claims Mayor

Zurgena corruption scandal

 Much excitement today as the news broke of the arrests of the mayor of Zurgena, Candido Trabalon, the Councilman in charge of Urbanisations, Manuel Tijeras, the town architect, an associate of the town architect, the owner of “New Horizon Villas” (according to “El Pais”) and Tomas Zurano, president of the “Constructores Andaluces de Obra Publica” in a massive police operation. Such was the police operation that an elderly lady ran into a bar shouting “¡Los Continue reading Zurgena corruption scandal