Sexists farmers ads gets the wind up in Almeria

Farmers! Fancy something better than just a powder? Ask for Isperss! roar the billboards (sporting a winking beauty) selling insecticide to farmers around Almeria and El Ejido. The controversy is only apparent when you realise that polvo doesn’t just mean a powder, but is also slang for a quick one round the back of the bike sheds.

Thoughts about promoting Mojácar

Right, time to sort out some of the old ideas that are percolating around in the noggin from conversations I had over the weekend. Draft 1, mainly coming from ideas I had in the shower this am. First off, these are my thoughts. Things I have thought of, after conversations, not opinions on any body or person. I am not presenting them to anyone but the world for comments, in order to enrich my own Continue reading Thoughts about promoting Mojácar