So what’s all this about electricity prices rising 33%?

Given the mass hysteria online over the supposed electricity price hike, I thought I’d drill down and see what was happening. The first thing to understand is that those who react to the message are on the periphery of Spanish political in-fighting. Last week there was a concerted surge of popular messages across Spain calling for an apagón (switch-off) on Friday to protest against high electricity prices. Different political parties threw their weight behind one Continue reading

Palomares has a new weekly market after the town council inaugurated a weekly Wednesday market. The market boasts stalls of all types and is being held in the main street until the early hours of the afternoon. Mayor Antonio Fernandez visited the first edition of the market and told residents of Palomares that “the new market will fill a need in this town and I am delighted by the enthusiasm by which local traders have Continue reading

Spain ‘needs to start building again’

The annual TINSA report on the state of the Spanish housing market has warned that major cities are seeing an upswing in new build sales, and that unless construction increases 2018 could see the market stall for lack of new homes. But Almeria continues to be the province with the greatest number of unsold homes. Of all homes built in the last seven years, 39 per cent or 13,389 new builds remain unsold. TINSA warns Continue reading

House sales back to 2007 levels in surprise surge

1.089 homes were sold in Almería in May, the highest number since 2007, bringing the province back to pre-recession levels. That’s 65% more than were sold in May 2014, and 17% of all homes sold in Andalucia that month were sold here. Most of the homes were resales rather than new properties, but the sudden surge has left estate agents surprised. Some agents think that a backlog of properties waiting to be registered in the Continue reading

Telefonica takeover rumour by US giant AT&T

Telefonica shares have soared after a possible takeover bid by US telecoms giant AT&T was routed by Madrid. El Mundo reported that the Madrid government is determined to block any takeover of their beloved Telefonica and has told the Yanks that they will do everything possible to block the deal. AT&T, it has been rumoured, was preparing a $122 billion takeover bid for Telefonica, of which about $52 billion would have been debt and liabilities. Continue reading

New market location in Mojácar “perfect”

Despite Lenox’s fears, the new location of the market in Mojácar (it’s now in the “Plaza Nueva” and surrouding streets rather than down the old car park) was “perfect” according to local comerciantes asked by ElAlmeria newspaper (here) who all seemed over the moon about the move (despite the fact that you can’t now park anywhere near the place unless you get there before 6 in the morning, which means you have to hump your Continue reading