Ryanair’s ground staff in Madrid go on strike over this summer

Chaos will hit Ryanair flights across Spain this summer after their ground staff in Madrid announced an “indefinite” strike. Although only the Madrid ground staff are striking, the knockon effect looks to affect Ryanair flights across the peninsula. The strike starts on the 30th May unless a settlement is reached. It’s being called because Ryanair has suddenly announced a 30% pay cut for these workers and has refused to sit down with unions to discuss Continue reading Ryanair’s ground staff in Madrid go on strike over this summer

Four hospitalised with Ebola symptoms across Spain

Three people have been admitted to hospital in Madrid, and another one in Tenerife, all suffering symptoms of Ebola. All four have high fevers and have been in at risk areas. Of the Madrid three, one is a friend of nurse Theresa, who is recovering from Ebola in hospital; one is a man who arrived from Paris today, having recently been in Africa and who has a high fever; and the third is a missionary Continue reading Four hospitalised with Ebola symptoms across Spain

Don’t kill my dog pleads Ebola victim

The nurse with Ebola in Madrid has issued a desperate plea along with her husband to prevent the health authorities destroying their beloved dog. Madrid had said that it’s possible the animal has Ebola – it is unknown if this is possible, although some studies suggest that canines may be able to transmit the virus. In any case, the husband of the nurse, who has gone into voluntary quarantine whilst his wife is being treated, Continue reading Don’t kill my dog pleads Ebola victim

Ebola detected in Madrid

A nurse in Madrid has come down with a case of the deadly Ebola virus, having contracted it from a sick missionary who was repatriated from Sierra Leon by the Spanish military. Another nurse has also been admitted to hospital this evening with similar symptoms. Manuel Garcia, a 76 year old Spanish Priest, came down with the virus in his missionary and was taken to Madrid for treatment. He died on the 25th of September. Continue reading Ebola detected in Madrid

Margaret Thatcher gets her own square in Madrid

Spain has always (quite rightly) had an admiration for the Iron Lady, and now she has been honoured with a new square named after her, right in the centre of Madrid. Plaza Margaret Thatcher is just off the Paseo de la Castellana, behind Plaza de Colón, a newly built square on some reclaimed land by the townhall. Ana Botella (Mayor of Madrid) and Esperanza Aguirre (Madrid PP party president, and the closest thing Spain has Continue reading Margaret Thatcher gets her own square in Madrid

Madrid wants cars out of its city centre

They´re planning to put a speed trap in every tree and a camera on every red light, it seems. Don’t expect Jeremy Clarkson to make a visit any time soon. In order to continue enjoying her relaxing cup of cafe con leche in the Plaza Mayor, Mayor Botella wants to cut personal car use in the city centre by 23% this year, and almost eradicate it by 2020.

750 euro fine for letting your dog bark or foul the pavement

After a strong residents petition, the Madrid suburb of Pinto has passed a new bylaw meaning pet owners could be fined 750€ for letting their dog bark all night, roam free or not picking up their mess on the pavement. You can be fined up to 1,500 euros for not disposing of your dead pet responsibly (one imagines the good citizens of Pinto were not, up to now, in the habit of tossing their dead Continue reading 750 euro fine for letting your dog bark or foul the pavement

Madrid frees up restaurant rules

Madrid has approved a new series of bylaws which remove all restrictions on restaurant sizes, kitchen size and installations, and locations on restaurant installations. Indeed, restaurants with less than 200 square meters of total space will be allowed to have just one unisex toilet, and even smaller restaurants won’t have to have indoor bins. The idea is to free up restaurants to allow “creative cooking” to flourish, explains Mayor Ana Botella. She wants chefs to Continue reading Madrid frees up restaurant rules