No bids placed at Macenas Golf auction

The government auction of Macenas Golf was a failure today after not one person bid. Macenas Golf was up for sale with a reserve price of just €153.089, but with additional debts of some €2.8 million euros. The sale is of some 270,000 square metres of land which includes the 18 hole golf course. The land was seized after the company which built Macenas ran up large debts with the Social Security department and was Continue reading No bids placed at Macenas Golf auction

Macenas Golf to be auctioned off this Thursday

Playa Macenas Beach & Golf Resort will be auctioned off this Thursday by the Ministry of Employment after the complex was seized for not paying social security. The sale was going to be earlier in the year but negotiations stalled the embargo. However the government has run out of patience and ordered the sale. The reserve price on the auction is just €153.089, but the complex comes with €2.662.000 in debt which the purchaser must Continue reading Macenas Golf to be auctioned off this Thursday

Macenas golf course to be auctioned by state for just €153,000

Ever fancied owning an entire luxury golf course? Well, Macenas golf has been seized by the state and will be auctioned off next 19th of March, with a starting price of just €153.000. However, the purchaser will also have to face an unpaid debt with the social security office of €2,3 million, and will have to stump up the cash at some point. There are also a load of unpaid bills to Galasa, the water Continue reading Macenas golf course to be auctioned by state for just €153,000

Power lines caused both recent major fires

Downed power lines caused both recent major fires in Almeria province, according to the official INFOCA investigation into the cause of the blazes which destroyed almost 6,000 ha of forest and scrub. The usual blight of unnecessary, badly maintained, unsightly Endesa power lines that run riot over the province have again caused major disruption. (Not a fan of the company).

A walk along Macenas

The hills above Mojacar are enchanting. They have an arid, volcanic, dry and dusty appeal that from afar appears alien, strange and inhospitable; but once you are amongst them, in the dust and dry, they lure you in, with promises of easy walks that quickly become exhausting dry struggles to the top of the mountain. “No more” you promise yourself as you grab another bush and haul yourself over another thorn tree, “I’m going home”… Continue reading A walk along Macenas

Mojácar to build 50k€ walkway

Mojácar has signed an agreement with the local GDR (rural development group) to build a 9 km senderismo ramblers path from La Mena to Macenas. The walkway, which one presumes will be at least graveled, will have informative billboards along the route which ramblers may deface with a penknife. Two informative huts will also be built for ramblers to relax and study local wildlife from. The route is circular, whatever that means (so, is it Continue reading Mojácar to build 50k€ walkway

Torre del Pirulico to be restored

The Junta de Andalucia has announced that it is to spend 162 thousand euros restoring the ancient Torre de Pirulico, the famous ruined watchtower that stands guard over Macenas beach, and is inviting tenders for the contract. The tower is believed to have been constructed by the Moors between the 12th and 14th centuries and it was an important part of coastal defenses during the 15th and 16th centures as part of the network that Continue reading Torre del Pirulico to be restored