A Joke

Did you hear about the Chinese look a like competition? Everybody won! Before the hate mail starts, I’d like to point out that I found this in the Jan edition of a local English mag (fits in your bag, it appears). Does anybody read this stuff before they send it off to the printers?

More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap

I was having a coffee with my mate Gareth, who is Reception Manager at Camping Los Gallardos, the big place just off the motorway in Los Gallardos, when he told me about the latest decision by the Euro Weekly. It seems that Camping Los Gallardos has always received, and distributed fully, at least two bundles of the Euro Weekly a week. Remember, it’s probably one of the few bustling places around at the moment, over Continue reading More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap

Valle Radio Times (the old 89.8fm)

Having finally realised that yes, 89.8fm is a silly name for a magazine, the Valle Radio team have relaunched the magazine as Valle Radio Times. Continuing with the silly name bit, as “Valle” is “Valley” in Spanish, but as it’s continued by “Radio Times” in English, it just looks as if they forgot to add the y. It seemed a tad thin when I first picked it up. It’s the new standard format for magazines Continue reading Valle Radio Times (the old 89.8fm)