Mojacar lift opens

Mojacar has finally gotten around to opening it’s new lift. Late and over budget it seems, but hey, just in time for Easter. You still have to hoof it part way up the hill from the car parks, and once up the lift you’re stuck in a little back alley that smells of cat wee, but up another slope and you get to the main square. Not the atrocious new square at the top, you Continue reading Mojacar lift opens

Mojacar to get lift to top of village

A project has been selected for a new lift and stairway to the top of Mojácar village. Called the “Escalera de color” (Stairway of colour), it will be executed on the current Muralla de Roque street, and consists of a new walkway, split into several sections, with nice gardens.The new garden involves redevoping an empty plot of land owned by the townhall, which currently has some electric posts in it (the plan also involves hiding Continue reading Mojacar to get lift to top of village