Private parts sales banned

Spain has banned the trade in motor spares between individuals. Anyone caught selling on a bit of old motor now faces a fine or even jail, according to antena3. You can now only buy second hand parts for motor vehicles from authorised treatment centers called CATs. The new law tries to implement EU decrees on the recycling of engines and the maximisation of vehicle life. What it actually does is penalises the second hand repair Continue reading

Tax on booze and fags up, no payments over €1000 in cash

The government has announced an important change to a law, and a new budget modification for this Friday. On the one hand, the law limiting payments in cash of over €2,500 will be changed to drop this to just €1,000. This means it will be illegal to pay bills over €1,000 in cash when one of the participants is a fiscal entity (company). And large companies (and those who file their IVA return on a Continue reading

Junta’s anti-obesity law comes closer

The Junta has published a draft version of a new anti-obesity law, a first for Spain. It goes after the 18.7% of Andaluzes who are classified as fatties and makes them run naked through the locker room whilst the jocks flick at them with wet towels. Or something like that, I haven’t read it very closely. The issue is worse amongst the youth, with 22.5% of kids overweight in the region. Some highlights of the Continue reading

Mojácar starts fining the “indecorous” youth of summer

Mojácar council has so far issued 10 fines of up to €300 each to youths who are being “indecorous”. The youths were breaking the infamous civic behaviour bylaw which I talk about here, which came into effect on May 26. The council told Ideal newspaper that “stag and hen parties continue in Mojácar, although we note that these groups are better behaved than they were last year. They don’t annoy families and older tourists or Continue reading

AUAN says that the illegal homes regularisation decree will be passed in July

AUAN spent a marathon day in the Parliament of Andalucía on Wednesday 8th of June 2016 to promote a speedy implementation of a change to the Planning Laws (LOUA) to provide a way forward for thousands, although not all, irregular houses. The meetings in parliament were attended by the president of AUAN, Maura Hillen, the association’s spokesperson, Gerardo Vázquez, and representatives of other groups from other parts of Andalucía, including SOHA from Malaga, coordinated within Continue reading

Calls for local mobility scooter regulations

There are suggestions that local councils should consider regulating the use of mobility scooters after an apparent increase of the number of people using them on the public road. Benidorm council recently had to regulate their use and other tourism centres are studying their example. Such vehicles are not regulated under Spanish traffic law. Insurance is not required for mobility scooters, and no vehicle tax is applied. Local police across the Levante have been surprised Continue reading

Parliamentary Bill to change the LOUA – so far so good

Yesterday, 7th of October, the first reading of the Parliamentary Bill, to deal with illegal land divisions (parcelaciones urbanísticas) containing irregular houses, took place in the Parliament of Andalucia.   As Gerardo Vazquez, spokesperson for AUAN, and other associations, and who was present during the parliamentary session explained ‘Those affected support this change and in general are pleased with it. Obviously, it does not cure everything and we must continue to work. Whilst it is Continue reading

A look at music and noise laws in Mojacar – what’s the real deal?

I have written a number of times recently on problems with establishments and people getting into trouble with the local police over noise and music. But what’s the truth of the matter, legally? The problem appears to be that small bars claim to continue to experience problems in obtaining permission to have any sort of live music in their bars, whilst the big discos and hotels are perceived to be allowed to blare out noise Continue reading

Well behaved illegal homes can now become legal

The Andalusian ruling council has just approved a modification to the LOUA, the Andalucian land law, allowing illegal homes that haven’t been denounced to quietly be permitted. Three articles of this law will be modified. If your illegal home is not in a special protection zone, nor in a dangerous area, has not been denounced or is not involved in an investigation, is detached on its own parcel of land and generally being blameless, and Continue reading

Joy for families affected by demolition orders as change in compensation law voted through

Some 100 people came from Cantabria, Almería, Málaga and Valencia to the Senate on June 24th to call for justice, as a compromise text presented by the Partido Popular to an amendment proposed by the Socialist Group was agreed. When this initiative becomes law, the houses of innocent families cannot be demolished without prior compensation when planning permission is revoked, as happened to the Priors for whom this change, sadly, comes too late.   Representatives Continue reading