eye op (day 3)

I can see long distance, I can see short distance, but in between is a tad blurry. What the devil. Looks like a pea souper. Focussing is getting better, but earlier on in the office had a small fit of claustrophobia, for some reason. No pain, and vision is better than yesterday. Night vision not too good but I’m assured that this will improve. As the doctors explained it, the eye and the brain has Continue reading eye op (day 3)

eye op (day 2)

Woke up this morning and was half way towards putting my contacts in before I realised I didn’t have to. Ah hem. Had to go back to Almeria for a postop checkup, and the doctors were pleased with the progress. I’m having some trouble focussing close up (please excuse spelling mistakes) and ocassionally getting motion sickness – I’m assured this is normal as my brain adjusts to the new wavelenghts. No irritation and I can Continue reading eye op (day 2)

Eye op (day 1)

Ouch. That was… painful. I’ve never seen my own cornea lifted up in front of me before. Spent the next 5 hours crying with the pain. I can now see the moon in perfect vision. If there is a Ruskie on the moon at the mo, I can see him. Can’t see the buttons on the remote control, but never mind. Both eyes were operated on at the same time. Vision is very blurry but Continue reading Eye op (day 1)

Eye op

I shall be having an eye operation next week (LASIK myopia correction), at Vissum in Almeria. Since I am forbidden from wearing my contacts and don’t have glasses, posts shall be few and far between until next week, when normal service will be resumed once the doc allows. Unless I blink at the wrong moment during the op, in which case this may be the last post – ever. Gulp.