Cafe Bar El Paso (and the Bedar fiesta)

Cafe Bar El Paso, Bedar Last night, it occurred to us to go to the Bedar fiestas. Calling up J & Ali, up we popped. Yes, it was a Sunday, but based on previous years we expected some tapas and bars to be floating around, and we were hoping for a pleasant evening of tapas, beers, churros and good music. Boy, were we wrong. Turning up at 9ish, the only people at the bar were Continue reading Cafe Bar El Paso (and the Bedar fiesta)

Restaurant Zamora (Valladolid)

You know, it’s trips like this that make me wonder why I don’t just jack it all in and live in a Spanish city, instead of on the hectic coast. They’re wonderful. They all have the “old towns”, full of interesting bars and restaurants and museums and nooks and crannies; the hotels are almost always new, the transport system immaculate and the people nice. For instance, the hotel I’m in now (Vincci) is clean and Continue reading Restaurant Zamora (Valladolid)