ZP tells Brown how to win the election

ZP, who graciously travelled to Brighton to bestow some glamour on the otherwise dull Labour conference (ole Prince of Darkness Mandelson comedy routine excepting), shared a few tips with Brown on how to win the next elections. No, nothing about using the Police and Judiciary to hound your political opponents into the ground. Nor did he advise him to change his name to David Cameron to confuse the voters. Apparently Brown must be “loyal” to Continue reading ZP tells Brown how to win the election

Biggest waste of money this week

I thought that this little prize would go to the Yank NBA player Doug Christie and his wife for spending $6000 buying some 3000 shares of failed insurance company AIG – they thought that the money would go to the company, rather then the investor who owned those shares before, and trumpeted this saying it was the duty of all patriotic Americans to buy stock in the company. A naive yet slightly charming story. (Read Continue reading Biggest waste of money this week