Beach lab day

A roaming laboratory has been on beaches in Almería to teach locals about marine conservation efforts. Juan Jesús Martín, director of the ´Aula del Mar´ said that “this is an information point that aims to teach beachgoers on the need to conserve their beaches, and to inform upon the existence of important populations of marine invertebrates living on recreational beaches across Almería”. The lab will shortly continue on its tour of Malaga, Granada and Cádiz Continue reading Beach lab day

Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar

Almería now has the distinction of being the home to the first cocaine lab ever found in Spain. A massive police raid took place in San Isidrio (Níjar – between the greenhouses) last July, but the operation has only now been confirmed by the Guardia Civil. The operation happened after a tipoff by the US Homeland Security Investigation team found a bunch of Colombians smuggling vast amounts of cocaine into Spain. The Colombian authorities were Continue reading Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar

Autopsy lab closed due to a bad smell in Almeria

Something rolled behind a counter, perhaps? One of the main autopsy labs in Almeria’s Instituto de Medicina Legal has been closed due to a terrible smell. Nobody has been able to figure out where it’s coming from, although they suspect the a/c unit. Pathologists have been complaining about the smell for the last two years, reports, but it’s never been as bad as for the last few days.

Almería’s animal disease lab closed for safety reasons

The only animal disease lab in the province has been closed by the Inspectorate of Work after government scientists at the lab denounced the appalling safety conditions there. Bits falling off the roof, broken toilets, smashed windows, missing stairs and more, ran the complaint for the IoW. So the health and safety brigade went round, reeled out again gagging, and slammed a closed sign on the door, much to the shame of the Andalucian Ministry Continue reading Almería’s animal disease lab closed for safety reasons