Stars in the Bar 2009 competition

There is a local competition being organised in the area, a series of talent competitions for amateur singers and entertainers. It’s being organised by Gee Bee’s Karaoke, and the grand finale is at Miraflores at Camping Los Gallardos. A series of local bars will be holding the different finals. The STARS IN THE BARS 2009 Karaoke Challenge in aid of M.A.C.S Charity that we are organising BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month in the U.K so get Continue reading Stars in the Bar 2009 competition


What is it with Karaoke? It seems that we are so desperate for fame that the mere showing of a microphone turns almost anybody into a high pitched public irritant. I’ve only done Karaoke once (being forced to) and am fully aware that since I can’t carry a tune to save my life I shouldn’t be up on stage being a nuisance. But thinking about it, I’ve been involved in a number of close encounters Continue reading Karaoke