Junta delays three major road programmes

My my, it’s all about the economy today! The Junta has just announced that it is to “reprogramme the completion schedules” of three major road building projects across the province, and a further 30 across Andalucia, saving itself 817 million euros in the next financial year. The Junta has said –firmly said- that these roads are not cancelled, simply delayed, although it refuses to say when it plans to restart the works. Contracts that have Continue reading Junta delays three major road programmes

What a wonderful advert

We all know that newspapers who support the government get “institutional support”. IE, the politicians pay for large useless adverts with taxpayers money in exchange for favourable coverage. Changing the subject, our local newspaper La Voz de Almería is part of Grupo Prisa, which is a large PSOE orientated media group which includes such treasures as El País newspaper or Cadena 40. I have spoken before of how La Voz is similar to Pravda, in Continue reading What a wonderful advert

Junta announces a major reshuffle

Griñán has consolidated his grip on Andalucía by sweeping away the old Chaves guard, closing down two conserjerías and reshuffling the whole Junta de Andalucía. He has appointed a number of his cronies to important positions and “made his mark”. Just one week after being officially given head of the PSOE party in Andalucía. Hats off, I mean, how long did it take Stalin to sweep away the influence of Lenin? etc etc. Ole Grimey Continue reading Junta announces a major reshuffle

Too little, too late

Is this, perchance, a joke on the Junta’s part? Junta sets up real estate network to sell legal properties to expats Well, at least they recognise that they’ve destroyed Andalucia as a second home residence by allowing builders to put up lots of shoddy, illegal homes then bugger off scot free. Then knocking the homes down with compensating the expats who have bought them. Which, as you can imagine, has not gone down well with Continue reading Too little, too late

Is the PSOE about to snatch the post of Lehendakari from the nationalists?

The País Vasco is the Basque Country, Spain’s answer to Northern Ireland. Rugged, beautiful, with a strange language unconnected to the main patois and a fierce independent spirit. It recently had an election, along with Galicia. If you want the breakdown on the seats won, click here. Basically, PNV (the main nationalist party that has controlled the regional parliment since democracy) got 30 seats. PSE-PSOE got 24. P.P. got 13. Aralar (another nationalist party) got Continue reading Is the PSOE about to snatch the post of Lehendakari from the nationalists?

Rift between the Junta and Endesa

The Junta de Andalucia and Sevillana Endesa -normally the best of friends, and if you want one then you’ll find them in bed with the other- has display a small rift with Sevillana Endesa over the change from bimonthly to monthly billing. Those of us on “small” (under 10Kw lines) will have noticed that we are now being billed monthly, instead of every two months, and what is more, the first month is estimated. In Continue reading Rift between the Junta and Endesa

Junta to start scheme to start SL companies in 24 hours

The Junta de Andalucia has announced a scheme to get SL companies up and running within 24 hours -as opposed to the normal 35-40 working days it currently takes. The scheme consists of, believe it or not, some 500 preset up companies, complete with CIF and social capital of 3006€. In theory, all you have to do is ask the Junta for one, roll up to the notary with your 3006€ and sign a Subsanacion Continue reading Junta to start scheme to start SL companies in 24 hours

Urban Abuse Protest March in Almeria city

Lenox is announcing the organisation of a peaceful and legal demonstration in Almeria city against urban abuse in the countryside. “Theme: Stop Corruption. Justice Now. Support us. We bought in good faith. Save our homes. Stop planning and real estate abuse. Regularisation now. Justice for the Priors. Transparency and Citizen Participation. The organisers, residents in the province of Almería, are holding a peaceful protest: (1) against real estate and planning corruption and insecurity and to Continue reading Urban Abuse Protest March in Almeria city

Junta spends too much on advertising, complains PP(AL)

Gabriel Amat, leader of the Partido Popular (PP) in Almería, used a press conference in the municipality of Fondón to complain about the vast amount of money being spent by PSOE and President-for-life Chaves on advertising, despite their calls for “austerity”. It seems that in the 2009 budget, despite a lot of trimming and cutting out of pet projects such as the renovation of the Cable Íngles, a new hospital, new courts for Roquetas del Continue reading Junta spends too much on advertising, complains PP(AL)

NO end in sight for El Algarrobico

After the uproar yesterday about the proposed 100 million euro payment by the Ministry of the Environment to Azata, the owners of El Algarrobico hotel in Carboneras, the Ministry (which, remember, is central government in Madrid, not the Junta de Andalucia, who seems to have washed their hands of the matter) has hastily backtracked. They have announced the the price of 100 million was set some months ago after an independent firm surveyed the installations Continue reading NO end in sight for El Algarrobico