Almería company to export jamón to the USA

The Serón based meat company Jamones Cortijo de Canata has become the first in the province to obtain an import licence from the USA for dried meat products, and intends to start shipping locally produced jamón serrano to the States. Jamones Canata is a new business which was setup some years ago with regional government funding to promote the sale of locally produced meat products abroad. So it looks like it’s doing its job. Last Continue reading Almería company to export jamón to the USA

A new law to regulate jamon serrano

Yet another law is on its way, and this one aims to regulate jamón serrano. The law will categorise the different types and quality of pork, jamones, paletas & cañas de lomo del cerdo ibérico based on the breed of the pig, it’s food and handling, and the treatment the meat receives before sale. There will be four colour codes that are attached to the meat at the factory in such a way that it Continue reading A new law to regulate jamon serrano

Jamon in the post

Much as I love the Levante, one of the downsides is trying to obtain a decent Jamón Serrano around here that doesn´t cost the earth. Yes, there is a warehouse in Cuevas that sells them, but I have found the quality from there to be… variable. So plan B is to pick one up every so often when I´m in Granada. Possible the only town in the world where you can walk through the main Continue reading Jamon in the post

IVA on Jamon serrano

While on the general subject of olive oil, have you ever stopped to think about the tax level on a nice Jamón Serrano? Guess how much IVA you pay on a Jamon, even a nice bellota, pata negra, best of the best? Luxury product, special once a year treat, sort of thing. No, despite everybody agreeing a Jamon is a luxury product, it’s not 16%. It’s 7%. But if it’s cut up, deboned or otherwised Continue reading IVA on Jamon serrano