Handwritten tax forms banned by the Tax Office

Hacienda has banned handwritten tax forms and will reject any sent in that are not “mechanically printed”. Which is a bit of a bugger for the 35,000 tax payers who last year didn’t have access to a computer and actually went down to their nearest tax office, got the forms, found a pen and filled it in, longhand. Hacienda says that some tax payers -such as the elderly or the illiterate, their words – don’t Continue reading Handwritten tax forms banned by the Tax Office

Rajoy reading massive tax break for families ahead of elections

As is usual in Spain, voters are rubbing their hands preparing for the election bribes, and this year will be no exception – Rajoy is preparing a 4,5 billion euro tax cut for families ahead of next years elections. It’s similar to the 400 euro cut that won Zapatero his last elections, but is expected to be applied in a different manner to avoid pissing off Brussels.