Crikey, I won something!

I was lucky enough to win something that wasn’t the premium bonds – Chris Marshall’s “comment of the month” competition! Now Chris is not just an all round nice chap, he’s also the second (or eighth, depends how you work it out!) most popular chap in Spain according to He moved to Almerimar quite a few years ago now with his all round decent egg wife Sands (who spends her spare time neutering cats). Continue reading Crikey, I won something!

Shamrock Restaurant

Posted: 10:48@30.04.07 Bar Restaurant Shamrock Paseo del Mediterraneo 8, Mojacar Playa 04638 Tel. 950 472 664 Mojacar Playa is an irritating place at the best of times. Too long, too slow, not enough parking spaces. Whereas Lenox seems happy to meander around getting in the way (here), I´m all for building the second half of the bypass up through La Parata. Pity I don´t vote in Mojacar. Normally I cadge a lift so I don´t Continue reading Shamrock Restaurant