Tax Office wants to run snitches

The Tax Office Hacienda has asked for permission to be allowed to run informants (also known as snitches, grasses, stool pigeon or finks). The Spanish call them chivatos, and those who lived through Franco’s day fondly remember the great chivato massacre of 1976. The body representing Tax Inspectors today said that if Inspectors were allowed to run their own networks of informants, similar to the Police, paying them cash in exchange for information, things would Continue reading Tax Office wants to run snitches

First housing inspectors start work

The Andalucian Ministry of Housing have appointed the first 25 Inspectors of Housing, whose jobs entail the investigation of the legal status of all constructions in Andalucia. They are expecting to shortly appoint a further 11 inspectors. They will have the power to investigate any building site, without prior notice, to ensure that the construction is in accordance with all applicable legislation; in cases where the legality of the building is in doubt they have Continue reading First housing inspectors start work