IKEA comes to Almería

IKEA has confirmed it will build a super store in Almería city. The company signed a contract yesterday purchasing a massive plot of land on the outskirts of the city, and contracted a company to build a 27,000 square metre building on it. Construction company Carrida will start work in February 2018 with the grand opening expected to be in February 2019, according to the published timeline, which assumes planning consent within six months. Carrida Continue reading IKEA comes to Almería

Almeria “to do what it takes” to get an IKEA

Almeria city is ready to “do what it takes” to get an IKEA says the council, although the original Spanish headline I read was more along the lines of separating knees… ahe hem. Land, permits and a big smile are all on the table ready from the Swedes if they deign to pop by. They’ve been trying to open in Granada or Valencia but have been having problems, so Almeria is trying to grab the Continue reading Almeria “to do what it takes” to get an IKEA