Policia Nacional get a new hymn

A new spirit lifting hymn has been approved for the nacionales to replace their current 1948 one. Well, not quite .- they’ve got the words, but no music yet. Other way round from the national anthem then. 420 people put forwards suggestions, and “baritone composer” José Manuel Conde won. It’s called tesón de hierro, which roughly translates as “tenacity of iron”. Something nice for them to sing as they march into battle against los indignados. Continue reading Policia Nacional get a new hymn

Adra gets it’s own hymn

The town of Adra has got it’s own hymn, registered in the official registry (Registro Andaluz de Entidades Locales). Copyright reserved, only to be sung on official occasions, etc. It’s called “Canto a Adra” (Song to Adra) and was originally a poem by a fellow called José Martínez Alvarez de Sotomayor penned in 1934 for a poetry competition at the time. (It won). The local corporation were so impressed by this lad that shortly afterwards Continue reading Adra gets it’s own hymn