How to get to the Faroe Islands

To get from Almería to the Faroe Islands is a relatively simple affair. You catch an elderly and slightly decrepit plane run by Primera air, and sit on the tarmac for half an hour waiting for a French Air controller to get off his fat arse, all the time studying your neighbouring depressed Danish fellow passengers. When you eventually get to BLL, an airport somewhere in Denmark whose name I never did learn, you spend Continue reading How to get to the Faroe Islands

New hotel for Garrucha?

Garrucha is to get a new four star hotel on its beachfront. The “La Palmera” carpark will be the site for the new five storey building, which will have up to 52 rooms. The land is owned by the council, who will lease the site for 99 years, after councillors voted in favour of the plan yesterday. The project has yet to be tendered out to a company, but the council expects the project to Continue reading New hotel for Garrucha?

Canjayar gay hotel “will open” promises owners

The projected gay hotel in Canjayar will open, says project director Francisco Alonso. The company behind the projected was forced to return a 300,000 euro grant from tourism authorities as it could not meet the project deadline, but expects another grant to be awarded next year. Snr Alonso said that he expects the 2016 grant “to be for a similar amount” and that the rest of the financing is now in place. The projected hotel Continue reading Canjayar gay hotel “will open” promises owners

Almeria second most expensive destination in Andalusia

Almeria is the second most expensive summer destination in Andalusia according to a new international study. Ipsos Mori, the polling people, carried out a survey across Spain (as part of a global survey) to see how much the average holiday for a couple would cost this July / August 2015. The TripIndex Cities survey calculated the cost for three nights in a double room in a four star hotel, with three trips to local interesting Continue reading Almeria second most expensive destination in Andalusia

Sabadell seizes Gran Vista Marina apartment hotel in Mojácar

Sabadell bank has seized the Gran Vista Marina apartment complex in Mojácar. It’s the very last big complex as you head out towards Sopalmo. It was originally built by Miguel Gem & Andrés García Guirao for €2,5 million euros. They later sold it to a company called Nuevo Siglo XXI, which recently went under, and Sabadell mopped up the remains. It was supposed to be an apartment hotel, and has 39 apartments and 137 hotel Continue reading Sabadell seizes Gran Vista Marina apartment hotel in Mojácar

Algarrobico building license declared legal

The Supreme Court of Andalucia has ruled that the building license of the Algarrobico hotel was issued legally, confirming an earlier decision, and overturning an appeal of nullity by the Junta de Andalucia, Ecologista en Accion and Salvemos Mojacar who all wanted it thrown out. However, because the Junta de Andalucia did not formally appeal an earlier decision by a lower court, instead contenting itself to questioning some of the evidence the ruling was based Continue reading Algarrobico building license declared legal

Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace

The Algarrobico hotel is being painted black today by over a hundred Greenpeace activists who turned up unannounced early this morning. Greenpeace say it’s the largest combined operation ever undertaken by volunteers in Spain, showing the depth of feeling from across all layers of Spanish society against this corrupt urban speculation that has blighted the country. “El Algarrobico is an international sign of the impunity under which corruption allowed the destruction of the Spanish coast” Continue reading Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace

Algarrobico hotel land is now declared to be BUILDABLE by Supreme Court! What’s going on?

The land the ill fated Algarrobico hotel in Carboneras has now been declared BUILDABLE (urbanizable) in a shock Supreme Court decision. This ruling contradicts a 2012 ruling by the same Supreme Court, which mentioned in passing that the land wasn’t buildable. The promoter of the hotel asked for clarification of this point, which came back yesterday. The same ruling states that:

Andalucian hotels: Staff levels will be “key” to star rating with new law

The Junta has announced a new hotel law for Andalusia in which star ratings will be awarded by points, instead of the current law which determines ratings by the services offered. The new law, says the Andalusian Minister for Magic, I’m sorry, Tourism and Commerce Rafael Rodríguez, has at its heart “quality and good service” and a key factor will be the number of employees a hotel has. “You cannot have good quality with robots, Continue reading Andalucian hotels: Staff levels will be “key” to star rating with new law