The Travellers Inn, Albox

 While pottering around in the wilds above Albox, I realised that it was lunch time. Feeling hungry, feeling lost, feeling desolate, I happened across the Travellers Inn, in Los Marcelinos. Navigating the steep little incline down into the car park, I noticed a sign stating “English Tourist Board: 2 crowns”. No idea what that is all about, is it even permitted to have that sign up? What would the Junta say? It says it a Continue reading The Travellers Inn, Albox

Hostal El Pago

Posted: 06:22@15.07.07 Hostal El Pago Hostal El Pago is small family run Hostal (the Spanish equivalent of a better class B&B) in Turre. Now, as I live just nearby, I´ve never actually stayed there, but I have convinced Jose to show me round some of the rooms, and my, they certainly were spotless! Comfortable looking beds, spacious rooms and as many extra blankets and towels as you can stuff in a suitcase. Jose & Maria Continue reading Hostal El Pago

Hostal Tikar

Posted: 10:45@21.03.07 Restaurant Azul Hotel Tikar, Garrucha What to get a sister in law for her birthday? For Christmas she got a smoothie maker – for her birthday, she got lunch. Being a generous sort of chap, I also splashed out for the little bro, and for a friend to come along as well. I even let her choose the venue. The kid stayed at home with a baby sitter. Vicky plumped for the Hotel Continue reading Hostal Tikar