Fake paediatrician arrested in Vera health clinic

A paediatrician working for the Andalucian health service (SAS) in Vera has been arrested after his superiors discovered she had faked his medical qualifications and has since attempted suicide. D.R.C., born in Garrucha but raised elsewhere in Spain, returned to her home province some years ago and was accredited as a doctor by the SAS. She was assigned a post at Huercal Overa hospital, where she worked as a Resident doctor in the paediatrician ward, Continue reading Fake paediatrician arrested in Vera health clinic

Sick leave to be slashed

A new law is being prepared which aims to slash the average length of sick leave. It’s primarily, as the government admits, a cost cutting measure aimed at reducing the bill for covering absent workers, but also the paperwork involved. The idea behind the bill is to draw up an average of time off for many different common illnesses. If you exceed this average, your sick leave automatically stops unless doctors & the company insurance Continue reading Sick leave to be slashed

Living Wills can now be ratified online

Andalusia allows you to register a living will, a declaration of what treatment you do or do not want to receive at the end of your natural life. It allows you to authorise doctors to turn off your life support machine if you are in a vegetative state, or vice-versa; inscribe religious beliefs into your medical treatment if you are unable to act for yourself, etc, etc.

Amazing heart op on premature (32 weeks!) baby carried out in Barcelona

A pioneering and amazing heart op on a premature baby from Murcia has been carried out in Barcelona. Baby Sherezade was born at just 32 weeks with a malfunctioning heart valve. In short, oxygen rich blood from her lungs couldn’t reach her heart. The baby, weighing just 1,5 kilos, was not expected to survive a single day. But doctors at Murcia hospital had a plan:

Ambulance fees plan dropped

Madrid has dropped plans to force all the regions to introduce a fee for the use of an ambulance in non-emergency situations. Back in 2012, a new law came out which ordered the regions to charge a fee (between €5 and €10) per use of an ambulance. The same law introduced fees for orthoprosthetics and dietary therapy, things that were previously free. However… the regions have been feet dragging, and the law hasn’t been applied Continue reading Ambulance fees plan dropped

Unemployed who spend 90 days abroad to lose health rights

A change to the health law bought in over Christmas states that the unemployed who spend 90 days abroad over the course of a year will lose their health rights. Now, nobody is quite sure where we’re going with this because: a)how the devil do you know if someone has spent 90 days out of the country when there are no border controls; b)all nationals and people with legal residency rights (currently) have the right Continue reading Unemployed who spend 90 days abroad to lose health rights

Patients across Spain now supposed to be charged for hospital medicines

As from this month, all regions of Spain are supposed to charge non-admitted patients a proportion of the cost of the medicines dispensed to them at hospitals. So the idea is that if you go to A&E and get treated, but not admitted, on the way out you have to swipe the old credit card. But not if the prescription is for a cronical condition : 147 medicines for long term treatments are exempt. So Continue reading Patients across Spain now supposed to be charged for hospital medicines

Free colon cancer tests for all 50 – 69 years old

The government has negotiated with all federal health services across Spain to include free colon cancer tests for all 50 – 69 year olds. From next month, anyone in that age group will be able to have a free screening test done on the health service every two year, via a simple stool sample. The same agreement between health services also continues with cervix cancer tests for all women between 25 and 69, every three Continue reading Free colon cancer tests for all 50 – 69 years old