Cowboy Cocina, Mojacar Playa

The following is a review submitted by Britt Arenander who is my spy on the Playa! But I fully agree with his opinions here! As I´m not into steaks and hamburgers I had never been to Cowboy Cocina on Mojácar playa, but it so happened that I ended up there with a visiting friend and was happily surprised. The menu is extensive and even includes a couple of vegetarian dishes, all reasonably priced. We shared Continue reading Cowboy Cocina, Mojacar Playa

Pizzeria Sam’z, Los Gallardos

PIZZA? In Los Gallardos? Are we mad? Has the world lost all coherence? Los Gallardos is a rich village. A smart village. A clean village, and an orderly one. But it is not the cuisine centre of the world,  it is a village where peanut butter is viewed as suspicious foreign muck. Pizza is something that -like sushi- is fine when one is abroad -say, Turre- but not to be considered when decent, local food Continue reading Pizzeria Sam’z, Los Gallardos

Crikey, I won something!

I was lucky enough to win something that wasn’t the premium bonds – Chris Marshall’s “comment of the month” competition! Now Chris is not just an all round nice chap, he’s also the second (or eighth, depends how you work it out!) most popular chap in Spain according to He moved to Almerimar quite a few years ago now with his all round decent egg wife Sands (who spends her spare time neutering cats). Continue reading Crikey, I won something!