New hairdressers opens in Vera

The “Maloa” hairdressers has proudly opened in Vera. It’s on the Garrucha entrance into Vera, in the block to your left just before the bullring. Possibly, they are good hairdressers. They may do a decent cup of coffee whilst you wait. Their dyes may be impeccable. I cannot comment, for I have not been. However, they can’t spell, and their sign maker obviously hates them, if he allowed this to happen (click to enlarge) : Continue reading New hairdressers opens in Vera


Popped into Damien’s in Turre for a haircut, something that I do about every 5 weeks (the hair grows quickly). I recently had the unpleasent sensation of going bald. Not, I hasten to add, in the normal places, but just in front of the ears, above the sideburns. In a series of photos I come out looking shaven in front of the lobes. “Damien”, sayz I, “pop the old clippers back on the recharging stand Continue reading Hairdressers