A local woman is to become the first gitana beatified by the Catholic Church

A local gypsy woman who died during the Civil War is to become the first female Romany gitano to be beatified by the Catholic Church. Emilia Fernández Rodríguez was born in Tijola in 1913 and died in the ‘Gachas Colorás’ prison in 1939 after giving birth. Sra Fernández was born to a cave dwelling family and earnt her living weaving baskets, helping to support her family in this manner. In 1938 at the age of Continue reading

Palomares mass killer found guilty

Remember the chap who lost it back in 2011, took a gun to the main square of Palomares and killed three members of gypsy family who were extorting him? Juan Antonio Z.G. was originally found not guilty by jury of the three murders. But the public prosecutor appealed against the verdict and won, meaning the trial was reheard. The desired judgement has now been found. Juan was attacked by the father of the clan the Continue reading

Palomares triple killer found “not guilty”

The chap who shot and killed three gypsy leaders in Palomares during a revenge rampage (there was a blood feud between them) has today been found not guilty of murder by a jury in Almeria. José Antonio, who snapped on the afternoon of the 26th of July 2011, picked up his shotgun, found the three members of the gypsy clan in the main square of Palomares, and in front of witnesses, shot them dead as Continue reading

Cuevas del Almanzora killer caught fleeing to Murcia

A gypsy who yesterday shot and killed a man from Gambia in Cuevas del Almanzora was seized by the Guardia Civil as he attempted to flee to family members who lived in the province of Murcia. The killing happened yesterday at around 19.55, in calle Cuesta del Calvario, after neighbours called the police to report gunfire. Police arrived on the scene to find a 37 year old man from Gambia had been shot with a Continue reading

Olula del Rio businessman kills 2 gypsy “mafiosos” over protection racket

A businessman in Olula del Rio has been arrested for the murder of two young gypsies. According to sources, the two gypsies (who belonged to the “Los Pertolos” clan of Albox), at 9am this morning, entered his marble quarrying business (Marmoles Ballester) to demand some protection money to prevent something unpleasant happening to his business. Unofficial sources suggest that they were armed with either guns or bats. The businessman vanished into his back room to Continue reading