Blasted traffic fines

I am sick and tired of local and regional government authorities taking advantage of us motorists to improve their balance books. Major cities across Spain (how long before Mojácar or Albox twig onto the same scam? Vera has!) have told their local police to start cracking down on any innocent motorist who finds a space and leaves his / her car. €95 fine plus the tow truck and it’s not worth the hassle to appeal. Continue reading Blasted traffic fines

Albox finally gets an emergency number – or does it?

While reading the salicious details of the fight between Bob P and his detractors (and now Lenox?) on I noticed a post saying that Albox now has an emergency number you can call “in case of emergency”. 092. The post seems to suggest that Albox is unique and modern in doing this. Actually, 092 is the national hotline for the local police. Whereever you call from, Telefonica should put you through to the Policia Local. Continue reading Albox finally gets an emergency number – or does it?

More cops, more speed traps

Summer has arrived along with another bunch of the boys in light green from the Benemérita. Almería gets the lion portion of new Guardia Civil recruits from the current promotion, 81 in all, which brings the total Guardia numbers up to 1100 across the province. Heavens only knows what they’re all doing, surveying up in the Almanzora valley no doubt. And, no doubt making use of the boot of the lorry they shipped them in, Continue reading More cops, more speed traps