Seat belt crack down by cops this week

The Guardia are having a crack down on people not wearing seat belts all this week. That’s front, and back seats. 300€ on the spot fine to the driver, by the way. Police reckon 16 road deaths over the last two years were caused by people not wearing their seatbelts. The last time they did a campaign like this, they checked 8.537 vehicles in the province and issued 160 fines. Rebellious or daft types may Continue reading

Chap arrested for abusing underage family members in Turre

I am informed that a chap from Turre, believed to be of the gitano persuasion was arrested last weekend for abusing his under-age daughter and some of her friends. The Guardia Civil caught this alleged paedophile last Saturday after a series of complaints and he remains awaiting the decision of a judge. Meanwhile, other members of his community continue to circulate through Turre warning locals of his alleged crimes and of the community justice he Continue reading

Vicious gang of thieves who preyed on elderly expats taken down in Garrucha

A “vicious” gang of thieves who specialised in rapid and violent burglaries in local homes belonging mainly to elderly expats have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Garrucha today. Material used in the robberies, as well as stolen goods and several luxury vehicles have been seized. The gang was made up of four people, 2 Serbians a Kosovan and a Romanian. They lived and worked out of a flat in Garrucha where they planned Continue reading

Guardia Civil explosives expert dies in accidental explosion at central barracks

An explosion has occurred at the central Guardia Civil barracks in Almeria city, just after 3pm, and a Guardia Civil explosives expert has died as a result of the explosion. It happened in an underground garage underneath the barracks central dining room, which was serving lunch at the time. Panic ensued as officers assumed an attack on their base had happened, and the barracks was put under lockdown until the cause of the explosion was Continue reading

Extra cops for the summer season

An extra 60 Guardia Civil officers have been assigned to the coasts of Almería for the summer to help keep the peace. They will backup the usual officers in the tourism zones, many of them mingling plainclothed to spot pickpockets, car thieves and business owners trying to make an honest buck without having to pay any extra tax, ah hem. They’ll also be deployed at the many ferias we enjoy at this time of year. Continue reading

Two Garrucha Guardia Civil officers jailed for punchup

The Supreme Military Court has confirmed jail sentences of eight and six months for two Guardia Civil officers from the Garrucha post after an altercation descended into fisticuffs. Both men were in full uniform and the fight happened in public around the back of the barracks in 2012. The two men were off different ranks. One has been done for assaulting his superior officer, the other for hitting a subordinate. The offence was of sufficient Continue reading

11 armed youths arrested for spate of break-ins across Levante

The Guardia Civil have swooped on 11 young men and arrested them for a spate of break ins and robberies across the Garrucha, Vera and Turre regions. The gangs would break into homes, warehouses and cortijos to strip them bare, even down to the copper wiring in the walls. At least 21 crimes have attributed to the gang, who after coming across a stash of air guns and hunting shotguns in one of their early Continue reading

Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar

Almería now has the distinction of being the home to the first cocaine lab ever found in Spain. A massive police raid took place in San Isidrio (Níjar – between the greenhouses) last July, but the operation has only now been confirmed by the Guardia Civil. The operation happened after a tipoff by the US Homeland Security Investigation team found a bunch of Colombians smuggling vast amounts of cocaine into Spain. The Colombian authorities were Continue reading

3 arrested for stealing used cooking oil

You’ve seen the fancy new used cooking oil recycle bins scattered around the place? Well, an ex-employee of the firm which runs them kept a copy of the keys when he was fired, and has been busy going round at night pinching the oil with two of his mates. The three would turn up in their van once a week, empty the contents of the bins into large plastic containers and take them up to Continue reading

Bobbies versus la policia

UK policeman at Notting Hill carnival this weekend: Spanish police at a recent feria carrying out random breath tests on pedestrians: Ah, thank heavens we’re in the free for all laid back party going state of España , eh? While we’re on the subject of Spanish coppers, here’ s an (illustrated) Spanish joke: hur hur hur!