Jamon in the post

Much as I love the Levante, one of the downsides is trying to obtain a decent Jamón Serrano around here that doesn´t cost the earth. Yes, there is a warehouse in Cuevas that sells them, but I have found the quality from there to be… variable. So plan B is to pick one up every so often when I´m in Granada. Possible the only town in the world where you can walk through the main Continue reading Jamon in the post

Almeria – Granada AVE train route open for public consultation

The Ministry has published the proposed AVE train route(s) between Almeria and Granada. Read all about it here: Almeria – Granada AVE train route published. It will, no doubt, be a miracle of engineering. If we go in a roughly straight line via Marquesado de Zenete (which is in Guadix) and then down the A92 to Almeria, it’s around 125 km. Total cost is 2,500 million euros. Roughly… 20 million euros a kilometer. That ain’t Continue reading Almeria – Granada AVE train route open for public consultation

3000 euros for graffiti? Not enough!

Two French students were caught out graffiting a wall in the Alzaibin old quarter of Granada, and now face a fine of 3,000 euros each. They are the first people to face prosecution after Granada introduced some harsh new laws designed to clean the place. Good. Granada’s graffiti is out of hand. It’s everywhere. The place is a tip. I have never seen so much mindless scribbling on walls. Yes, there is some decent stuff Continue reading 3000 euros for graffiti? Not enough!

A night at the theatre

Just returned from a pleasent trip to Granada, where we went to see Rafael Alvarez, aka “El Brujo”. A surprisingly enjoyable 90 minute monologue about a dead flamenco dancer I’ve never heard of and is quite possibly made up (Miguel Pantalones), but enjoyable none the less. And, of course, the usual delights of Granada. When I’m run out of the Levante by irate locals I shall move to Granada city centre. But only in the Continue reading A night at the theatre

Ryanair force Granada’s hand (and pocket)

After a very public threat to pull out of Granada airport if the Ryanair Revolutionary Tax wasn’t paid by the local town and businesses (the press release mentions changing to the much cheaper “Granada West”, which is actually Jaén airport – about three hours by coach) the Diputacíon de Granada has quietly admitted that an “arrangement” will be found. Basically, Ryanair wants someone else to pay the landing fees at Granada airport. If not, they’ll Continue reading Ryanair force Granada’s hand (and pocket)

Ryanair threatens to drop Granada airport

Ryanair claims that Granada city council is not keeping it’s end of the bargain and is not paying it’s share of airport costs, as promised. A special meeting has been called of company directors for Monday, where they will revise the situation and see if they want to continue flying from Granada. Currently, you can fly with Ryanair from Granada to Londres Stansted, Liverpool, East Midlands (Nottingham), Milán, Bolonia, Girona & Madrid. 240.000 people came Continue reading Ryanair threatens to drop Granada airport

Granada + new phone!

In case anybody noticed (I know you didn’t) it’s been a bit quiet around here this week because I’ve spent a fabulous week up in Granada. I love Granada. The GF’s family has a large flat in the centre, just off the Gran Via. Sadly, we couldn’t stay there as it’s currently infested with students and I’m past that stage of life where I think nothing of having to bleach the shower before stepping in Continue reading Granada + new phone!

Granada has most dangerous roads in Spain

The Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) has published the results of a report it commissoned which discovers that Granada has the most number of dangerous kilometers of roads in Spain – up to 64% of it’s roads can be considered dangerous for drivers. Narrow, windy, mountain roads. You then have Ávila, with 50% of its roads, and Huelva, with 44%. The stats have been compiled by building a risk index, comparing the number of Continue reading Granada has most dangerous roads in Spain

Earliest start of ski season in Granada ever

CETURSA, the operating company of the Sierra Nevada Ski Station in the mountains above Granada, opened its doors yesterday in the earliest start to the ski season ever recorded. 3000 people skiied yesterday, and the director of Cetursa announced that not only are they expecting a 44% raise on last years numbers, they have kept all ski prices the same as last year, and will have more pistes open than ever before – to a Continue reading Earliest start of ski season in Granada ever