Mónsul & Genoveses beach access closed for summer

The usual traffic restrictions are now in place preventing you from driving down to some of the Cabo de Gata’s most popular beaches until Sept 17. The roads are closed because otherwise thousands of cars turn up and do irreparable damage to the fragile local environment. They also cause huge congestion and prevent emergency services from getting to the beach in case they are needed. So the usual park and ride system is in place. Continue reading Mónsul & Genoveses beach access closed for summer

Expensive, these beaches

Almería has one thing going for it in the summer – its beaches. Miles of lovely golden sand. Or so I’m told. I’ve never been a beach person, and after being savaged by a tropical jellyfish in the Thai gulf I made a vow never to go nearer the sea than the deck of a boat (or, indeed, the deck of a chiringuito, which is more my sort of scene). Anyway, these beaches have now Continue reading Expensive, these beaches