The abandoned warehouse outside Garrucha

We’ve all seen the old abandoned warehouse, stuck in the middle of a flat field outside Garrucha as we enter from the Los Gallardos road. Many of us will have wondered why? wherefore? and how? as we speed past this old, well built yet abandoned and now falling apart sign to a past dream. This… is the dream that was.

Filthy sea AND no prawns – coincidence?

Now that the summer is over, the papers are allowed to start talking about the filthy, polluted sea we currently have: La Voz de Almeria: “El agua está en peor estado que nunca” Well, since we still have no sewage plants, it’s all being dumped untreated into the sea. Coincidentally, in the same edition, we see that the fishermen haven’t caught a single prawn for a month: La Voz de Almeria: La gamba lleva un Continue reading Filthy sea AND no prawns – coincidence?