Burgos gives up and abandons controversial street plans

The Mayor of Burgos has given up after pressure from across the country and has stopped the controversial plans to reform an avenue in his town which has caused protests across the nation. The announcement came just hours after a vote in the townhall in which his administration decided to continue with the works. All 3 opposition parties were united against the works, but failed to stop the motion passing. The Mayor had previously announced Continue reading Burgos gives up and abandons controversial street plans

5000 people protest in Burgos on fourth night of violence against new avenue

5,000 people were on the streets of Burgos last night demonstrating against the remodelling of a main avenue that residents think is unnecessary, badly planned and corrupt. See Why are they rioting in Burgos? #Gamonal pic.twitter.com/oztJFdhjnz — Albi ❄ (@albavazquezz) January 14, 2014 Read more http://www.davidjackson.info/