Galasa is saved in last minute deal

Our local water company Galasa was due to be declared bankrupt tomorrow December 1, but a last minute plan by the pp and PSOE has been agreed to save the bankrupt company. Details are still sketchy, but both parties have agreed a price rise lower than the one originally mooted. A new steering committee will be created to oversee the company, and the county council will set up a commission to start fixing the many Continue reading Galasa is saved in last minute deal

What’s happening with Galasa?

Galasa is our local water company, supplying homes in the Levante and the Almanzora areas. It’s a public company, owned 51% by the Diputación (provincial council) and the rest by the local councils that make up the towns it supplies. In brief, water supplies in Andalusia are guaranteed by the local councils, who are responsible for ensuring everyone has a supply of fresh potable water (hah!). Sadly, Galasa is bankrupt and looks likely to be Continue reading What’s happening with Galasa?

The driest province in Europe is starting to suffer as its water runs out. Decades of over-exploitation of water resources, coupled with a lack of investment in the infrastructure is finally causing Almería serious problems. Although the coastal regions are now living off their desalination plants, crumbling infrastructure means half the water produced is lost to leaks and cannot be shipped inland to the mountain villages. [Adsense-B] Olula de Castro is a prime example. Despite Continue reading

Galasa approves whopping price rise – some towns will see rates double

Galasa, our bankrupt local water company, has had a whopping 32% rise approved for the Levante, whilst in some towns in the Almanzora the rates will double. It comes after a 16% rise in 2009. But socialist towns (PSOE) have said they are planning to refuse to allow the increase, and say that this must be passed by each local council, something the provincial council disputes. Given that the bills come directly from Galasa HQ Continue reading Galasa approves whopping price rise – some towns will see rates double

Galasa has electric cut off as it can’t afford to pay the bill

Endesa has cut off the electric supply to a number of Galasa offices after the company failed to settle over a million and a half euros in unpaid electric bills. The main offices in Vera are currently working with a generator installed on the roof. There are fears that water supplies will be hit across the region if electricity is cut off to pumping stations. Currently only offices have been affected. The public owned company Continue reading Galasa has electric cut off as it can’t afford to pay the bill

Turre in land grab move

There is a fascinating article in this week’s Costa Almería News in which Mayor Martin of Turre explains how he’s going to bring the mountain urbanisations of Cabera and Cortijo Grande under council control. It seems there is a plan afoot for the council to take over the running of the Juntas of both urbanisations, and then finish off urbanisation proceedings there. Mayor Martin talks of a 3,3 million euro investment project that will have Continue reading Turre in land grab move

Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Turre will vote this evening to hand the water management of the town over to Galasa. An open plenary session at 8pm to which all are invited. This means that the town will stop handling its own water affairs and turn the whole thing over, lock stock and barrel, to Galasa in a rather rushed deal that fails to benefit the town in any way. All meters will be changed for new ones (the town Continue reading Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Water problems across the Levante

The main water pipe bringing supplies from Carboneras to the Galasa network exploded outside Garrucha, causing a massive repair operation yesterday. I was going to take a photo, but there was no safe place to stop and I got scared by the traffic. 🙁 Since they had to cut off the supply to the Garrucha pumping station to replace a massive piece of pipe, Turre Mojacar Los Gallardos and parts of Antas were all switched Continue reading Water problems across the Levante

Local water declared drinkable

The Department of Health (sanidad) has issued a unified declaration of potability for the water of Galasa across the Levante. It comes after an extensive period of government testing of water at 83 urban centres across Carboneras, Mojácar, Turre, Antas, Arboleas, Cuevas del Almanzora, Garrucha, Huércal-Overa, Los Gallardos, Pulpí, Zurgena & Bédar.

Turre water update

I was chatting to the Mayor of Turre, Arturo, yesterday and he gave me the scoop on his plans for the water of Turre. Currently, the water of Turre is an undrinkable mess, and it’s been this way for years, as no spending on infrastructure has been carried out for years now. Turre is split into three water service areas: the centre village, which gets Galasa water, and then both ends: Agua Nueva and the Continue reading Turre water update