280 kilo pumpkin in Tijola!!!

Stuff the corruption, this is the sort thing we need more of : a chap called Antonio Navarro has grown a 280 kilo pumpkin in Tíjola. It’s on display (until it goes off) in Restaurante El Paso in Tíjola if you want to go and see it. The owner of El Paso, Antonio Encinas, says that it came from a seed from a pumpkin that weighed 90 kilos, grown last year. The two Antonios are Continue reading 280 kilo pumpkin in Tijola!!!

CASI cooperative finds President has been dipping into the till

CASI, the massive farmers cooperative, has announced legal actions against their (now ex-) president José María Andújar after they discovered he’d been dipping into the till. The scandal started earlier this year when a number of cooperative members voiced suspicion about the multi million accounts of the cooperative. He retaliated by launching disciplinary measures against any member who dared voice complaint.