Turre water contaminated AGAIN – don’t drink it!

Sulphates in the water? Well, it’s probably just the health department being over cautious. But when the Health Department reckons the water could make you ill, I’d have thought that a little more notice could be given. The Turre townhall, with its usual blasé attitude towards public health and safety, has quietly stuck up a notice in Super Turre telling people that Turre water is contaminated and condemned by the Health Department.

The Almeria Freshwater Factory Skyscraper

Charles Butler of Ibexsalad sent me a link to this fascinating design project: The Freshwater Factory or Evolo is a water-generating skyscraper in Almeria, located along the Mediterranean coast in the south-eastern region of Spain. The Freshwater tower is assembled from bubble-shaped structures designed to desalinate the brackish water from the Mediterranean Sea into freshwater.