Anger as mass for General Franco banned

The new mayor of Barcelona has been accused of conducting a historical witch hunt after banning memorial services for supporters of General Franco, which have taken place since the 1940s. About 100 supporters of the nationalist uprising led by Franco in 1936 were shot by firing squad in Barcelona on the orders of the left-wing Republican government. The Catholic Mass was due to be held tomorrow, the anniversary of the start of the Spanish civil Continue reading Anger as mass for General Franco banned

What happened to the family of Francisco Franco?

Franco at daughters marriage

Francisco Franco ruled Spain with an iron fist until his death in ’75. At which point, a more or less peaceful transition to democracy happened. But, what happened to his family? Well, they’re still out there, floating around throughout Spain. Franco and his wife Carmen Polo (known throughout Spain as doña Carmen) only had one child, a daughter by the name of Maria del Carmen Franco y Polo. She is known as la hijisima, which Continue reading What happened to the family of Francisco Franco?

A gypsy called Franco

While browsing in El Corte Ingles, I had a phone call from a nice sounding young gitano. Towards the end of the call, I wrote down his number and asked him to repeat his name. “Franco”. “Franco?” I asked -him sounding like a fairly young chap. “Franco” he confirmed, somewhat defiantly,  “despite being a gitano, I am called Franco”. Fair enough. His defiant tone did make me laugh, though. Plus, say the name “Franco” in Continue reading A gypsy called Franco

Franco still honorary mayor of Almeria!!!

Left wing coalition party Izquierda Unida, on this the anniversary week of the Constitution of Spain, has pointed out that, technically, deceased dictator Francisco Franco is still the honorary mayor of Almería city, an honour “bestowed” upon him in 1943 (only a few years after his Nazi friends had spent three days using the city as target practice, killing quite a few) and confirmed in 1950. While the honour was not in perpetuity, as it Continue reading Franco still honorary mayor of Almeria!!!

Franco no longer “favourite son” of El Ferrol

El Ferrol -Francos birthplace, and the wettest town in Spain, up in the top left corner of Spain- has voted to disown its most famous son. He has been stripped of his title of “Honoury Mayor” of El Ferrol. He has also been stipped of his title of “Favourite son” (Hijo Predilictio). I notice that all the various political groups voted in favour of these two measures, with the exception of the P.P. which abstained.

Spain invades Portugal to stop Communism (maybe?)

As secret plans are revealed under Spains version of the 30 year rule, showing that Franco ordered his generals to draw up plans in the early 70’s for the invasion of Portugal “in order to prevent the spread of Communism”, Spanish and Portuguese press are Not Quite Sure what to Make Of It. I like “El Intermedios” view of it, as “El Gran Wyoming” (O Gran Polloming) imagines the Spanish invasion of Portugal followed by Continue reading Spain invades Portugal to stop Communism (maybe?)

Franco: A biography

Paul Preston has created a wonderful profile on Franco, and this book has become the authoritive laymans guide to the only 20c Western European dictator to die peacefully in office. Despite it’s initial size, this is a book that concisly explains the evolution of Franco from the early, eager military cadet to the cool, absent caudillo he became. A wonderful book that reads more like a novel than a historical text, and I devoured it. Continue reading Franco: A biography