Missing Garrucha Prawns make it to Congress

A local deputy has tabled a question in Congress asking the National Government if it has any idea why the Garrucha Prawn has vanished. Not a one has been spotted since the spring, although, strangely enough, I noticed quite a few restaurants along the playa selling “fresh Garrucha Prawns” for about 120€ a kilo. Ah hem. Several of the prawn boats have given up the season and gone into dock, according to Europa Press. The Continue reading Missing Garrucha Prawns make it to Congress

Filthy sea AND no prawns – coincidence?

Now that the summer is over, the papers are allowed to start talking about the filthy, polluted sea we currently have: La Voz de Almeria: “El agua está en peor estado que nunca” Well, since we still have no sewage plants, it’s all being dumped untreated into the sea. Coincidentally, in the same edition, we see that the fishermen haven’t caught a single prawn for a month: La Voz de Almeria: La gamba lleva un Continue reading Filthy sea AND no prawns – coincidence?

Gib’s “artifical reef” is in waters offlimits to fishing, according to the Junta’s maps

Thought it was worthwhile reproducing this map which clearly shows the location of the new artificial reef created by the Gibs. This particular map was drawn up by ElMundo.es, one of the more right wing newspapers, but even they admit that the Junta de Andalucia official maps (the ones sent to the EU) agree that the area where the blocks were dumped are “off limits” to all fishermen. What seems to have happened is that Continue reading Gib’s “artifical reef” is in waters offlimits to fishing, according to the Junta’s maps

Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Having been introduced to this place by Ric Polansky, who has an exhibition of bullfighting photos on the wall, I though it could be fun to pop there one evening with the parents and the gf. Quite the happy family. Casa Santiago has a large outside terrace, taking up most of the public pavement, where in fine Spanish style you can occupy the public road, lounging around with a g&t watching with interest as mothers Continue reading Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Asahi Japanese restaurant, Almeria

Sushi! Is there any better two tone rallying cry? Sadly, sushi is difficult to obtain even in Garrucha. Plus the Spanish government, in a nasty move, made it illegal to sell raw fish – it has to be deep frozen for at least 24 hours before serving. Which does change the taste a tad. But I love it. So, sometimes, when in Almería, we pop into Asahi Japanese Restaurant, which is just a bit further Continue reading Asahi Japanese restaurant, Almeria

Chiringuito Espigon (Garrucha)

Chiringuito Espigon (Garrucha restaurant) For a quick business lunch, we popped by Chiringuito Espigon in Garrucha for fish. It’s the first one on the beach in front of the castle as you enter from Mojacar. Espigon Restaurant has been around for a while now. Funny story – the owner once commented to the old Meus Pater that it was cheaper for him to leave the whole edifice standing over the winter and pay the fine to Continue reading Chiringuito Espigon (Garrucha)

El Jardin de la Paella, Vera Playa

El Jardin de la Paella is a small beach bar (chiringuito to those of you who know the word) perched on the border between Vera beach and Garrucha. It´s easy to get to – park in the car park and step onto the paseo. We like to pop along sometimes on a lazy afternoon, and if we´re lucky they squeeze people together and fit us in. It´s popular – very popular on a Sunday afternoon. Continue reading El Jardin de la Paella, Vera Playa