Fish in a greenhouse

A company based in Los Guiraos (Cuevas) has become the first in Andalucia to commercially produce fish in greenhouses. Freshwater Red Tilapia are being bred in the reservoirs and water systems that supply the 150 farmers who makeup the cooperative behind the scheme. The scheme is expected to produce 100 tons of fish annually, and a local chain of supermarkets is preparing to sell them. The fish require warm, clean and fresh water which is Continue reading Fish in a greenhouse

Shellfish shoots up as catches sink – ouch, a prawn is expensive

The latest data from the Andalusian fisheries ministry show a hefty increase of up to 40% in the price of local shellfish and blue fish as the amount of kilos caught drop by 35% across the province. Locally caught mackerel, sardines, sardinellas and swordfish have all gone up in price as stocks dwindle in local water. But the same effect is happening with shellfish, as the price of octopus and prawns also shoot up. Local Continue reading Shellfish shoots up as catches sink – ouch, a prawn is expensive

Local dolphins learn to attack fishing nets – causing “massive loss” to fishing boats

All five fishing fleets in the province has joined forces to denounce a new and dangerous enemy – the dolphin. It seems our local dolphins have discovered how to gang up in groups of up to 10 and attack fishing nets once they are full of fish. The dolphins bite through the nets with their powerful jaws and eat the fish inside. This means that not only do the fishing boats lose the catch, they Continue reading Local dolphins learn to attack fishing nets – causing “massive loss” to fishing boats

The abandoned warehouse outside Garrucha

We’ve all seen the old abandoned warehouse, stuck in the middle of a flat field outside Garrucha as we enter from the Los Gallardos road. Many of us will have wondered why? wherefore? and how? as we speed past this old, well built yet abandoned and now falling apart sign to a past dream. This… is the dream that was.

Groupers find new home in Roquetas Aquarium

The Mediterranean grouper (mero in Spanish*) is a protected species, as we’ve eaten most of them, and so scientists receive EU money to try to breed the little buggers. Trouble is, sometimes the programme doesn’t work, and what to do then with 20 massive fish weighing up to 24 kg each? Eat them would be the obvious answer, but again, they’re protected.

Another shark caught off Villaricos

Sea’s full of them at the moment it seems. A 2 metre long shark was caught recently some 8 nautical miles off Villaricos, and then four days ago a baby shark was dragged in by some fishermen. And then this summer we had the famous oar fish, which caused no end of fuss. Biologists say that these sharks don’t normally attack humans, as they only go after small fish, and that bathers shouldn’t be worried.

Hermaphroditic fish found on sale in Andalucia (pollution blamed)

Hermaphroditic fish have been withdrawn from sale in a fish market in Seville. It’s believed that sea pollution has caused the mutation in the fish – normally, this sort of thing is spotted before the punters get suspicious, but these slipped through the net. (If you’ll pardon the pun). The fish are bacoreta, a type of Mediterranean mackerel. It’s not the first time this species has been found to be affected by pollution – the official Instituto Continue reading Hermaphroditic fish found on sale in Andalucia (pollution blamed)

Almeria has more farm workers than ever before

Some 50,000 people are employed in the agricultural sector in the province. This is a record, we’ve never had that many before. Two ways of looking at this, muses me… a) The “Official One”: José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of the Andalucian Ministry for Agricultura, Pesca y Medio Ambiente, congratulates the farmers of the province for struggling against the economic crisis, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy; b) The DJ one: We’re all going Continue reading Almeria has more farm workers than ever before


I’ve had occasion to study some of the local fishmongers recently and let me tell you, I’m getting suspicious. They all have the same amiable attitude, the same slightly vacant smile, apparent short term memory loss (i said THAT fish! Not the prawns!) And inability to do simple maths. I reckon it’s the mercury buildup in all that fish. Can’t be healthy…

Garrucha prawns are back!

The infamous Garrucha prawns have returned! All summer long the elusive little blighter vanished from its normal habitats, forcing local fishermen to drydock their boats for the summer. (Although I noticed that most of the local restaurants in Garrucha continued to sell them over the summer, ah hem). The problem even reached Congress, where a question was tabled asking the Environmental Ministry to send down a boffin to find out what had happened. And now, Continue reading Garrucha prawns are back!