All naked flames banned as from today

All naked flames in the countryside have now been banned between June 1 and October 15 across Andalusia. Barbecues (of any type), naked flames, bonfires etc are all banned. This includes motorway rest areas or countryside sporting or public camp areas, even if there are installations for such barbecues.As is the transit of motor vehicles in forest areas or within 400 metres of said designated areas. Bee keepers are also affected, as they must used Continue reading All naked flames banned as from today

Fires in Mojácar

Three fires happened in Mojácar last weekend. The first fire was declared at midday Friday after residents in La Paratá rang emergency services reporting seeing smoke. Although flames licked against walls of the luxury villas in the area, no property damage was reported. Fire engines were called back on Saturday after a second fire broke out, just 150 metres away from the first one. A third fire was declared on Saturday night, just 200 metres Continue reading Fires in Mojácar

Fire spotted outside Mojacar

A small fire has just been spotted behind the Mojacar campsite, fire brigade advised but it’s spreading. Not much wind fortunately. Stay safe out there and I’ll post updates as I get them if the situation warrants. LATER: Amazingly fast response from the bomberos according to a message I just got from someone down that way. They’re spraying everything with water. Fingers crossed! A BIT LATER: It’s out now thankfully. No damage apart from a Continue reading Fire spotted outside Mojacar

Boat explodes in Garrucha harbour

A woman has been seriously injured after her seven meter cabin cruiser exploded in Garrucha harbour today at midday. According to the emergency services, the woman had boarded her boat called “Chess” along with her husband and children, and started to warm up the engine. At 12:50 the engine suddenly exploded, causing severe burns to the woman on board who was nearby. The fire brigade suspect that the engine started leaking fumes which suddenly exploded Continue reading Boat explodes in Garrucha harbour

Courier truck catches fire in Huercal Overa

Expecting an Amazon parcel? You may be in for a long wait after a DHL truck delivering to this area caught fire on the motorway by Huercal Overa last night. Drivers passing by alerted emergency services to flames coming out of the back of the truck and traffic police closed the motorway. Fire units managed to put the fire out before it spread to the countryside, but the truck was completely destroyed along with all Continue reading Courier truck catches fire in Huercal Overa

Firemen rescue fox trapped in Antas reservoir

A fox that had fallen into a balsa in Antas was rescued over the weekend by firemen after local police failed in their efforts to help him. The bushy little chap had snuck in through a hole in the fence and had slipped into the murky waters. The owner of the reservoir, checking up on his land the next morning, was surprised to see him swimming around in it, and realised there was no way Continue reading Firemen rescue fox trapped in Antas reservoir

New fire station in Nacimiento

The County Council has stumped up €60,000 towards the cost of a new fire station to cover the Nacimiento and Bajo Andarax regions, above Almería on the way to Granada. The total cost of the new station is €71,000 and local townhalls are paying the rest of the cash. It will link in with the new fire unit being created in Canjáyar to prevent forest fires, making the new unit dual use – both forest Continue reading New fire station in Nacimiento

BBQ and bonfires forbidden for the summer

The summer fire season has started and as from yesterday naked flames, BBQ’s, bonfires and the like are forbidden in open areas across Andalucia. They will remain illegal until the 15th of October. It’s part of the 2015 INFOCA plan which mobilises fire fighting brigades across Andalucia and attempts to “educate citizens” about the risk of fire, in the Orwellian Spanish. This year, 4,500 professionals, 39 air units, 8 mobile control units, 116 heavy vehicles Continue reading BBQ and bonfires forbidden for the summer

Two fires in Bedar in three days

A long hot summer awaits, and the first of the forest fires have already come. The first happened over the weekend, and a helicopter was called in to dowse the flames after firefighters found it too difficult to get up the mountain. Todays fire, which started at about 11am, ended the same way with a helicopter again being called in. The cause of both fires is unknown, but Civil Protection is warning that this summer Continue reading Two fires in Bedar in three days