Cortijo Grande gossip

From a reader: Hi David! Love your site and all your reviews/gossip etc! We are coming back to Cortijo Grande in a couple of weeks and you seem to know everything about the area/where to eat etc so I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me? I heard a rumour that Los Limoneros had closed down? Is that true? Is Finca Listonero re-opened for the evenings yet? Is it still a Continue reading Cortijo Grande gossip

Turre fiestas 2008 (and potatoes)

<!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>Turre is enjoying the start of its 2008 fiestas, with the usual fireworks (not just the bangs either, this year they had a few “pretty” fireworks) and a nice party in the main square. For those of you who don’t know the rules, if you want a drink and a tapa from the main chiringuitos (Cholo’s Bar [sic] or Cazadores are Continue reading Turre fiestas 2008 (and potatoes)

Antas Fiestas

Fiestas in Antas! Starting this Friday, with all the usual noise and excitement. The difference with the Antas fiesta is the pleasent walk/drive out of town on the Saturday (starting at 12 noon) when the statue of the Virgen is taken out of the church and born aloft to the top of the “Cabezo Maria”, which is the old building you can see ontop of the hill to the left as you drive towards Antas Continue reading Antas Fiestas

This summers hot trend is…

Bringing in big name (at least nationally) singers or groups to play in the local fiestas. While there has always been a circuit for semi famous groups to go around during the August fiestas, this year the local councils in Almeria seem to be competing to get the biggest and the best. Why, just this week we’ve seen Manu, Venga Jazz, La Jaula, La Caja de Pandora & Alann Bique play. Yes, I know you Continue reading This summers hot trend is…