Falete’s ex-fiance may “like girls”

I have just watched the news on TVE1, Canal Sur, Cuatro, La Sexta, and 5. And every single one mentioned Falete, his (her?) breakup and the ex. Before, I may add, such important things as the bad weather or ETA terrorists arrested for forming a new cell. This happy little chap is Falete, the over weight, annoying, irratating pre op transexual Flamenco singer: and this is Ivan, the boyfriend who falsified his own kidnapping, apparantly Continue reading Falete’s ex-fiance may “like girls”

“Falete” rides again

Falete is a large, unpleasant, loud pre op transsexual gypsy with a voice “from the angels” (according to those who understand coplas and traditional Andalucian music) who, together with his boyfriend, is being investigated as his boyfriend recently falsified his own kidnapping. While the police are now satisified that nobody else was involved in the deception, Falete has announced today that he is breaking off the engagement to the boyfriend: “due to the lies, I Continue reading “Falete” rides again