Movistar fusion class action suit

Movistar is currently the target of a class action suit by Spanish consumer organisations after a rather nasty marketing error. See, Movistar launched a new combined phone / adsl / whatever package called Fusion a few years, with the fanfare of it being one low price for ever. So when they went and jacked up the price last year, people complained – quite correctly – that they’d been signed up on the promise of the Continue reading Movistar fusion class action suit

Savage rise in cost of electricty on way warns FACUA

We can expect to see some savage rises in the cost of electricity before the end of the year warns consumer organisation FACUA. You see, we all know about the fuss earlier this year with the electric companies keeping the price artificially high. The government was forced to act due to public outrage (and the threat of an EU investigation), and prices dropped, ever so slightly.

Cordoba taxi reform turns nasty

The city of Córdoba is reforming its taxi bylaws, after a campaign by consumer union FACUA, which says they’re a decade out of date. Trouble is, the new bylaws aren’t much better, and FACUA turned nasty over the issue. One contentious little new bylaw rules that if you ring for a taxi via a service, the meter drops from the second the driver gets the order, and not from when the client actually climbs aboard.

Tried saving on energy bills by checking your supplied power?

Have you ever thought about checking your contracted power level? FACUA, the consumer union, is advising households to check the potencia eléctrica contratada in their homes. Many household will have a potencia which is higher than they need, meaning they’re paying for something they never use. You see, in short: When you sign up for a power supply, you choose a contract power level (potencia eléctrica contratada) which appears on your bill. The default level Continue reading Tried saving on energy bills by checking your supplied power?

Concerned that you were conned on your electric bill?

Visit with a copy of your last two bills to see if it was accurate. The scam that Endesa was running was to charge you bugger all on your (estimated) bill in December, then put the price up on the 1st of Jan and charge you all of December on the new (more expensive) tariff. Something could be illegal. Go there and find out.