Eurovegas project collapses – it’s cancelled, it’s over

Eurovegas, the attempt to recreate Las Vegas in Madrid, has been cancelled after Las Vegas Sands casino company pulled out this morning. The decision came after Spain refused to approve in law a raft of gambling exemptions and tax breaks for the project (although they were going to permit the smoking exemption for them). Brussels had warned last week that any attempt to push through these exemptions would lead to EU action, as they contravened Continue reading Eurovegas project collapses – it’s cancelled, it’s over

Smoking law for bars may be repealed to keep EuroVegas happy

The Government has admitted that it is considering repealing or altering parts of the smoking law to permit smoking in some public bars. The comments came via the Delegate of the Government in Madrid, one Cristina Cifuentes, who admitted that the idea was being tabled in order to facilitate the construction of “Eurovegas” in Madrid. “Obviously we cannot alter the law for just one person or complex” she said during a radio interview on RNE1 Continue reading Smoking law for bars may be repealed to keep EuroVegas happy

Eurovegas goes to Madrid

Madrid will get Eurovegas,  the horrific European version of the Mafia den of iniquity that is Las Vegas, USA. Ignoring the fact that Las Vegas is really the most boring of US cities, with about as much real “sin and excitement” as, say, Valencia on a Thursday night (it probably is exciting and sinful if you’re from the Bible Belt), this multi billion euro project is supposed to be regenerating Pozuelas del Alarcon, Madrid. Concentrated Continue reading Eurovegas goes to Madrid

Eurovegas may be scrapped

The eurozone crisis and financing problems have cast a shadow on plans to build a giant Las Vegas-inspired casino complex in Madrid or Barcelona, Michael Leven, the number two of Las Vegas Sands Corp said Tuesday. The “Eurovegas” was projected by its backers to create up to 250,000 jobs in a country where a quarter of the workforce is unemployed. Leven would not rule out that the project could be scrapped but he said at Continue reading Eurovegas may be scrapped

Almeria bids to hosting Las Vegas in Europe – could “EuroVegas” be here?

An official consortium of Almerian businesses have tendered a project suggesting that Sheldon Adelson, the US billionaire, builds his infamous “EuroVegas” in Tabernas desert, Almería. Sheldon wants to replicate Las Vegas in Europe, and is currently debating between spending billions building casinos and hotels in a new macrocity outside Madrid or Barcelona. The argument runs that Tabernas desert will replicate Las Vegas to perfection, and that with the excellent communications links in the area (AVE Continue reading Almeria bids to hosting Las Vegas in Europe – could “EuroVegas” be here?