More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap

I was having a coffee with my mate Gareth, who is Reception Manager at Camping Los Gallardos, the big place just off the motorway in Los Gallardos, when he told me about the latest decision by the Euro Weekly. It seems that Camping Los Gallardos has always received, and distributed fully, at least two bundles of the Euro Weekly a week. Remember, it’s probably one of the few bustling places around at the moment, over Continue reading More reasons why the EuroWeekly is crap

Euroweekly shows its true colours

Southern Spains worst newspaper, the “Euro Weekly”, has decided to turn its guns upon ex-owner Lenox Napier; apparently they are suing him for libel. The back story to this little tale of lies, deceit, intrigue and excitement can be found on his website here: fraudinspain or his rather interesting blog. Lenox has never been shy in shouting about his past dealings with the fake tanned one. (Who wears fake tan in Spain?). Not content with Continue reading Euroweekly shows its true colours