AES fails to win a seat

Far right nationalist party Alternativa Española, whose leader is Rafael López-Diéguez (grandson of Blas Piñar, the noted Fascist, good friend of Franco and founder of the Spanish National Front) won only 0,13% of the vote (19.678 people voted for them) proving again that Spanish are far more tolerant than the “up northerns” who voted for the BNP dimwits. The peculiar thing, that I can’t get my head around, is that they had the support of Continue reading AES fails to win a seat

A letter arrives from Mr Zapatero…

Oh, it’s a form letter. Thought he’d finally seen sense and called upon me to help him through the next economic crisis. Something about an election. Is there an election soon? It’s in English, which is nice, and on about ole “strong chin” himself, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, the PSOE socialist candidate to the European Parliament, a man whose chin puts Arnie himself in the shade. As spotted by the PSOE website designer who did Continue reading A letter arrives from Mr Zapatero…

Auken, Priors & Lenox on the BBC The European Parliament has called on Spain to reform planning laws that have allowed developers to acquire private land below market rates and forced homeowners from their properties, with some even having their homes demolished. But the conflict raises questions about how much power MEPs actually have, the BBC’s Stephen Chittenden says.

EU election poll

Over at the homepage of the E.U., where they are twittering on about some election to the troughs of Brussels, there is a poll. The elections are next month. How much debate is there about them in your country? Plenty! I hear about little else. Some. I am starting to see more now Not nearly enough! More is needed What elections? Ignoring the fact that the questions sounds like it was posed for 6 year Continue reading EU election poll