So what’s all this about electricity prices rising 33%?

Given the mass hysteria online over the supposed electricity price hike, I thought I’d drill down and see what was happening. The first thing to understand is that those who react to the message are on the periphery of Spanish political in-fighting. Last week there was a concerted surge of popular messages across Spain calling for an apagón (switch-off) on Friday to protest against high electricity prices. Different political parties threw their weight behind one Continue reading

Galasa has electric cut off as it can’t afford to pay the bill

Endesa has cut off the electric supply to a number of Galasa offices after the company failed to settle over a million and a half euros in unpaid electric bills. The main offices in Vera are currently working with a generator installed on the roof. There are fears that water supplies will be hit across the region if electricity is cut off to pumping stations. Currently only offices have been affected. The public owned company Continue reading

200 million euro upgrade for Carboneras power plant

The government has given the go ahead for a 200 million euro upgrade to the Carboneras power plant, which will create 800 mainly local jobs during the works. It’s believed to be the single largest industrial investment this year in Spain. The Italian Enel group, which owns Endesa and the Carboneras power plant, wants to bring the dirty ancient polluting monster up to code – actually, it has no choice, as it’s the most polluting Continue reading

Power lines caused both recent major fires

Downed power lines caused both recent major fires in Almeria province, according to the official INFOCA investigation into the cause of the blazes which destroyed almost 6,000 ha of forest and scrub. The usual blight of unnecessary, badly maintained, unsightly Endesa power lines that run riot over the province have again caused major disruption. (Not a fan of the company).

Electric price hike on hold after auction annulled

The Competition Commission has overturned Thursday’s electricity auction, which caused an 11% raise in the price of electricity as from January, citing “atypical circumstances”. Wait – Spain has a Competition Commission? Since when? It does, and it’s called the CNMC. The CNMC refused to validate the results of the energy auction this morning, leaving the national government just 48 hours to decide whether to call for a new auction, or override the CNMC. In short: Continue reading

Macael townhall has an illegal electric connection

Turns out Macael townhall has spent the last five years being illegally connected to the electric network – the electric company has just found out and denounced them. The Mayor of Macael explains that after a reform of the townhall five years ago, the electricians connected the new part of the building back to the network without bothering to go through the meter. So the main meter was only supplying a small part of the townhall, Continue reading

Tried saving on energy bills by checking your supplied power?

Have you ever thought about checking your contracted power level? FACUA, the consumer union, is advising households to check the potencia eléctrica contratada in their homes. Many household will have a potencia which is higher than they need, meaning they’re paying for something they never use. You see, in short: When you sign up for a power supply, you choose a contract power level (potencia eléctrica contratada) which appears on your bill. The default level Continue reading

Carboneras power plant could be killing 111 people a year say Greenpeace

Greenpeace has issued a report into Enel – Endesa’s energy production plants across Europe. Carboneras appears to be about the dirtiest coal plant in Europe run by the firm, according to the report, which links the plant to 111 premature deaths a year, and costs the local economy around 423 million euros a year in healthcare, environmental damage and crop destruction. The study is based on EU methodologies and is quite extensive. Anyway, it’s easy Continue reading