So what’s all this about electricity prices rising 33%?

Given the mass hysteria online over the supposed electricity price hike, I thought I’d drill down and see what was happening. The first thing to understand is that those who react to the message are on the periphery of Spanish political in-fighting. Last week there was a concerted surge of popular messages across Spain calling for an apagón (switch-off) on Friday to protest against high electricity prices. Different political parties threw their weight behind one Continue reading

Wind farms abandoned as province left out of national energy plan

Plans for windfarms worth an estimated 375 million euros are expected to be abandoned after the new National Energy Plan 2015-2020 confirmed no new national grid infrastructure for Almería province. There had been two major National Grid investments mooted for Almería, a new Vera – Granada high power line and a new substation in Tabernas to connect up renewable energy sources there. Neither project has materialised in the new plan, meaning that any new energy Continue reading

Zero investment in electricity infrastructure over next decade planned

A storm is brewing – which I’ve been ignoring so far because it was boring – about the new Planificación Nacional de la Red del Transporte Eléctrico 2015 – 2020 which only contemplates basic maintenance for Almería’s electricity network. That’s the national plan for the National Electricity Grid. The plan gives Almería just 34 million euros to keep it’s part of the national grid running, rather than the 68 million expected and which would correspond Continue reading

Spain 3rd most expensive EU state for electricity and 2nd for ADSL

Spain is shamed today after the EU named it as the 3rd most expensive EU state for electricity, and 2nd most expensive for ADSL. This, despite median earnings and high unemployment putting the country into the low end of the EU development index. Brussels notes “with alarm” this is putting Spaniards into a position where basic utilities are becoming luxuries. The cheapest fixed line ADSL offer is currently €38.7 a month, and the average household Continue reading

Spain has highest electricity distribution costs in EU says Brussels

Brussels reckons that Spain has the highest costs for transporting and distributing electricity in the EU, in a new study due to be released in the next few weeks. They reckon its down to lack of competition and inefficiency in the market. Well….. duh!. This leads on from my story a while back about how Spanish electricity costs almost a third more than British. The EU study looks at the cost of transporting electricity over Continue reading

Electric price hike on hold after auction annulled

The Competition Commission has overturned Thursday’s electricity auction, which caused an 11% raise in the price of electricity as from January, citing “atypical circumstances”. Wait – Spain has a Competition Commission? Since when? It does, and it’s called the CNMC. The CNMC refused to validate the results of the energy auction this morning, leaving the national government just 48 hours to decide whether to call for a new auction, or override the CNMC. In short: Continue reading

Spanish electricity a THIRD MORE than in the UK!

Yup – a recent BBC survey shows that the average kw/h in Spain is a third more than in the UK! See the full survey here So Madrid pays an average of 24.34 eurocents per kw/h and London just 17.75 for the electricity. For gas kw/h, Madrid pays 8,38 eurocents per kw/h and London just 5,75. It’s even more expensive in Andalucia, due to regional taxes, and the IU now want to put up these Continue reading

Macael townhall has an illegal electric connection

Turns out Macael townhall has spent the last five years being illegally connected to the electric network – the electric company has just found out and denounced them. The Mayor of Macael explains that after a reform of the townhall five years ago, the electricians connected the new part of the building back to the network without bothering to go through the meter. So the main meter was only supplying a small part of the townhall, Continue reading