Man faked his own kidnap to avoid a telling off from the wife

The National Police mounted a major search operation last month in El Ejido after the wife of a local businessman received a ransom demand of €50,000 for her husband, only to discover that the message were being sent by the supposed hostage to cover his illicit weekend away from his wife. The woman received the messages from her husband’s phone, demanding immediate payment of the money, and threatening to cut off her husband’s fingers one Continue reading

4,000 illegal immigrants living in squalor across province

It’s estimated that up to 4,000 people are living in conditions of absolute poverty across Almería province. Mainly illegal immigrants, they form an unknown number of shanty towns or chabolas (shacks) concentrated mainly in the Níjar – Campohermoso or El Ejido areas. Almería Acoge, together with Médicos del Mundo, are two charities that are heavily involved in helping residents of these shanty towns gain access to the very basic services that we take for granted, Continue reading

200 grand nicked from Poniente firefighter accounts

Someone has been skimming off the cream from the bank account of the Poniente firefighter fund, and has pinched over €200,000 over the last five years, according to an investigation made public today. No names have been named, although it seems obvious it was someone with access to the online banking. The investigation came to light after a new administrator spotted some “irregularities” and asked for an independent judicial audit to be carried out. The Continue reading

Sexists farmers ads gets the wind up in Almeria

Farmers! Fancy something better than just a powder? Ask for Isperss! roar the billboards (sporting a winking beauty) selling insecticide to farmers around Almeria and El Ejido. The controversy is only apparent when you realise that polvo doesn’t just mean a powder, but is also slang for a quick one round the back of the bike sheds.

2 Coppers in El Ejido sent down for drug dealing

4 years each and €200,000 fine. They were first arrested in 2009, but were allowed to keep working on the frontline until the supreme court decided on their fate. Hey, innocent until proven guilty, even if you are caught with your hand in the proverbial till. The boys were caught in a bar with 13 kilos of hashish in 2009, with a street value of €65,000. It’s not known where they got the drugs from Continue reading

Almeria now has two Michelin starred restaurants

Michelin 2014 is out and Almería has added a second Michelin restaurant to the provinces gastronomical lineup. Alejandro (Roquetas de Mar, Almería) gets its first Michelin, and La Costa in El Ejido keeps the one it had last year. Well done both. Now, how about one this side of the mountains?

Valdeserra school in Vera caught up in mortgage scandal with Vera townhall

One of the founders of Valdeserra private school in Vera, Ambrosio Cuevas, is in trouble after Vera council yesterday voted an emergency meeting to declare null two mortgage inscriptions he took out on the school with the “implicit” approval of the townhall. In short: Ambrosio Cuevas, a big mate of the crooked ex-mayor of El Ejido Juan Enciso, who is out on a bail of 100,000€ from jail whilst the prosecutors work out how much Continue reading

Was the theft of millions of Iraqui Dinars behind arrest of Almerias government lawyer?

A report – rumour?- has surfaced suggesting that the reason behind the sudden arrest of the government’s legal counsel for Almeria, Demetrio Carmona, was because he had come across -and pinched- millions of Iraqui Dinars seized by the State in the first Iraq war, held in a storeroom in El Ejido and forgotten about. Demetrio was arrested last week in a central government sweep, accused of a “mega scam”, along with at least six prominent Continue reading

Deported for killing a stallion with a pole up the whatsit in El Ejido

Moroccan man M.A. has been sentenced to three months in jail, commuted to deportation from Spain for a minimum of 10 years, for killing a stallion in El Ejido by inserting a large pole up the animals rectum. M.A. was prosecuted under animal protection laws. Events took place on the night of the 12th of September at a farm in El Ejido, where M.A. caught a stallion worth 2,800€ with the express purpose of harming Continue reading