Marks & Sparks make major investment in Spain

Marks & Spencer’s is to make a “major investment” in Spain, opening two massive department stores in Barcelona and Madrid, before rolling out to other locations across Spain. The British retailer made a humiliating exit from the continent in 2001 when it closed or sold shops in countries including France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Portugal. They sold off their Spanish stores to El Corte Ingles. However, they kept going with stores in Marbella and Continue reading Marks & Sparks make major investment in Spain

Preparing for the otters of the outer islands…

I’m still concerned about the lack of Otter repellent in El Corte Ingles. When I asked the nice girl in the hunting and fishing department, she just looked blank and offered me some mosquito repellent. No, I explained, I want nutria repellent. She hunted through the database, and eventually came up with some shark repellent. Not quite the same, as this has to disperse in water. By now, I was afflicted with the acute embarrassment Continue reading Preparing for the otters of the outer islands…

Laying in the supplies: T-15 and counting

So taking the opportunity whilst in Granada, I popped into Corte Ingles to stock up on some supplies for the forthcoming trip to the hinterlands of the Known Universe (Outer Hebrides). I’d decided to buy a rucksack, and carrying everything in that on the trip. “What do you need a rucksack for?” asked the gf. “You spent 70 quid on a nice hand-luggage suitcase last time you were in the UK, use that”.

El Corte Ingles to open up to third party companies (not just Burger King!)

There’s some rather superficial coverage in the expat press of how Burger King is to open up in El Corte Ingles. It’s actually a bit more interesting than that. Isidoro Álvarez has announced that his firm is to actually change direction somewhat, and move away from a typical “department store” format into a new “shopping mall” format. His plan is to permit third party companies to open up their stores inhouse, thus expanding the range Continue reading El Corte Ingles to open up to third party companies (not just Burger King!)

El Cortes Ingles to open on the 28th in El Ejido

Despite having, last month, hinted that the new El Corte Ingles in El Ejido would not open until early next year, a surprise announcement has been made: It will open on the 28th of this month! No doubt Sr Isidoro Álvarez Álvarez is giggling at the little joke he played on the campuos of Almería. Quite exciting. I shall send Chris Marshall to go and film the grand opening.

Shoes. Lots of shoes.

The GF had her pops make her the most delicious shoe cupboard. Full of cunning little shelves and pockets to hide shoe cleaners in. It goes very well with my Japanese cherrywood shoe slip. Anyway, she came, somewhat pensively I felt, out of the bedroom shortly after the wooden miracle had been delivered. “It’s full” she announced, “all of your shoes. And there are still a few pairs that don’t fit in”. “Nonsense” said I, Continue reading Shoes. Lots of shoes.