Cajamar Bank formed today

Cajamar, our homegrown rural caja done good, has today signed into being a brand new Bank which will act on a national level. Cajamar is the main backer of the new bank, but has been joined by 32 other rural saving banks from across Spain. The Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo will start operating as from the 1st of Feb, and will as from the 1st of May start running as the head and front Continue reading Cajamar Bank formed today

Last CD factory in Spain closes its doors

The music making historic CD / DVD factory in Spain is to close for good in March. Iberofón was a company with a proud history. For 50 years, it belonged to Spains major music promoter, and the youth of Spain rocked to LP’s impressed in this Madrid based factory. Everytime you bought a CD or tape of Julio Iglesias, Raphael or Joaquín Sabina, you knew the disc had been made in Cosleda, Madrid, by Iberofón. Continue reading Last CD factory in Spain closes its doors

5th Cash for clapped out bangers plan approved today

The government has today authorised PIVE5, the fifth edition of the PIVE plan which offers consumers cash if they trade in their clapped out old car for a new one. It should come into effect at once. 175 million euros will be spent to take 175,000 old cars off the road, with a maximum price of €25,000 (or €30,000 if they are for disabled drivers). If you have a vehicle that’ s over 10 years Continue reading 5th Cash for clapped out bangers plan approved today

IVA won’t go up, promises government

Montoro has angrily denied that he is planning another IVA tax rise in the next few months, as suggested by Expansión today. He admitted that the IMF and the EU keep asking him to put IVA up, but said he’s not going to, because it isn’t necessary. IVA has three tax bands in Spain, 4%, 10%, 21%. The suggestion was to change them to 4%, 13%, 23%. But Montoro, the Minister of the Economy, is Continue reading IVA won’t go up, promises government

Good employment news is just a political smokescreen

Lies and mirrors is all we are seeing with the “good news” about the unemployment figures in Spain this Christmas. Lets look at the figures: 107.570 people fewer on the SEPE list during December, which means people who are on the dole or whose dole has ended, but are actively inscribed on the government “looking for work list”. But since nobody bothers to register on the SEPE once their dole has ended (you have to Continue reading Good employment news is just a political smokescreen

Tax changes which are likely for next year?

An interesting opinion piece in El Mundo appears on the tax decisions the Spanish government will have to take in the next budget. You can read it in the original here or here’s the Google translate version: The growth of the economy, on the one hand, and the need to win over the electorate, on the other, will set the government pace of tax reform, who is preparing a committee of experts. But the final Continue reading Tax changes which are likely for next year?

Hey, the recession is over!

Hurrah! The Spanish economy grew 0,1% in the last quarter according to todays economic data. Meaning the recession has ended, and the champers can come out. Hang on….. Turns out the growth in the economy is because Spain is now one of the cheapest nations in the EU for labour costs, and all the growth is in things being built and shipped abroad for better performing nations. Internal growth is still flat-lining, consumer confidence continues Continue reading Hey, the recession is over!

6.2 million unemployed (and rising)

There are now 6,202,700 people actively seeking a job in Spain, according to the latest employment figures published the State Statistics Agency INE. That’s 27.16% of the working population. The figures speak for themselves. El Mundo helpfully points out that if everyone of the Spanish unemployed stood in a line holding hands, they would reach from Cordoba to Moscow: Meanwhile, the economic recession continues to bite in Spain – the working population dropped by 235.300 Continue reading 6.2 million unemployed (and rising)

Why is Spain so much more expensive than the UK for some things?

So I’ve been trying to buy some asset tags, for a little “project” of mine. These are those durable little metal stickers with a barcode and a number on them, which you stick on things to prove they’re yours, and associate them to an inventory list. Lots of companies use them. Anyway. The cheapest I can find in Spain which meet my requirements, are around 350€ + IVA+pp per one hundred. In the UK? The Continue reading Why is Spain so much more expensive than the UK for some things?